The type of assessments conducted, and the length of time it takes to conduct these assessments, depends on the complexity of the presenting issues. Your speech pathologist will chat to you to identify the concerns you have, and you will be asked to complete a case history form, so that your speech therapist can use the right tools to understand what your child needs.

Assessments are usually conducted over one or two sessions, and this is dependent on the nature of the challenges your child is experiencing. Typically, after assessment is completed, you will be provided with a written report that details the types of tests used, the results your child achieved and what this means, as well as recommendations for therapy. These reports can be shared with other health professionals and your child's educators.

Whiz Kids Therapy conducts these assessments to consider the nature of your child's difficulties and set individualised and targeted goals for ongoing therapy, as well as to assist in determining the presence or absence of disorders.

Sometimes you will have already been assessed by another speech pathologist, or have been discharged from another service with a review report - in these cases Whiz Kids Therapy can generally start therapy without formally assessing your child, although an initial review is usually warranted.


Assessments may vary in price, dependent on the complexity of the issues. Below is a guide to Whiz Kids prices - generally speaking, simple assessments that can be done within a one-hour assessment period are charged at $240 with a full report ($180 with a summary report). In our experience, typical assessments will be charged as follows:

Articulation and Phonology: $240 with report and up to one-hour assessment, $180 with summary report

Language: $380 with report and up to two-hours assessment

Literacy: $380 with report and up to two-hours assessment

Language and Literacy: $480 with report and up to three-hours assessment

Next Steps...

If your child needs speech pathology assessment or intervention, give Whiz Kids a call to discuss your child's needs. We deliver speech pathology services in your child's home, school or child-care centre in Perth, Western Australia.