Whiz Kids provides speech therapy and assessment services that puts your child and family first.



Because Whiz Kids Therapy is committed to supporting your child to reach their potential, we provide speech therapy and assessment services that are evidence-based and well-regarded within the profession.  Our speech pathology services are based on

“…The conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients….integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.” (Sackett et al, 1996)



Whiz Kids speech therapists all hold Masters or Bachelor degrees in Speech Pathology, have current Working with Children checks, and have completed a First Aid Course. Your speech pathologist maintains Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP) status – this certification is given to a speech therapist by our professional body, Speech Pathology Australia, to demonstrate to clients, their families, and the public, that your speech pathologist has an ongoing commitment to improving their professional knowledge and skills. Whiz Kids Therapy is committed to keeping up with the latest research, and are engaged in continuing professional development.



Whiz Kids Therapy is a family centred speech pathology practice. This means that the aspirations, needs and concerns of the family informs and directs the goals for speech pathology assessment and intervention. The relationship between the child, family and therapist is collaborative – Whiz Kids provides support that is individualised, flexible and responsive to your family’s needs. Family participation and involvement is actively encouraged – you will be involved in planning of speech, language and literacy goals, and kept abreast of the progress your child is making.

Meet the Founder and Principal Speech Therapist

Alexandra Cullen

Alex Cullen

Masters of Speech Pathology

Alexandra developed Whiz Kids in 2017. Alexandra developed Whiz Kids Therapy because she could see the need for quality, mobile speech therapy services. Alexandra is committed to developing Whiz Kids Therapy into an inclusive, best practice speech pathology service for children. Alexandra holds a Masters degree in Speech Pathology and a Bachelor of Social Work. Her experience as a social worker included direct client work, community consultation, and developing and implementing projects within academic, local government and NGO settings.

Alexandra has two children of her own that are dyslexic. One of her children also has Childhood Apraxia of Speech, so she has a very good understanding of what it’s like having children with learning difficulties. Her experience as a Speech Pathologist includes working with children in the areas of speech, language, and literacy. Alexandra has worked in private practice, schools and hospital settings. Her approach to speech therapy is collaborative, evidence-based and child-centred. She is passionate about literacy and articulation therapy that is focused, engaging and productive. She is committed to delivering speech therapy that has demonstrable results.

Meet Our Speech Therapists

Andrea Wu

Bachelor of Science- Speech Pathology

Andrea has worked with both children and adults in the areas of language, literacy, swallowing, stuttering and voice. She has worked in schools, private practice and hospital settings. Andrea is particularly interested in working with young children to improve their comprehension, expressive language, literacy and articulation skills.
Her approach to therapy is structured, family-centred, collaborative and evidence-based. She is committed to helping families and children reach their goals. In her spare time, she loves taking long strolls with her dog and spending time with her family.

Ashleigh Dunn

Bachelor of Science- Speech Pathology

Ashleigh completed her Bachelor degree at Curtin University. She is passionate about working with school age children to support them with speech, language and literacy. She has a keen interest in articulation therapy and literacy development. Ashleigh always adopts a family centred approach to therapy that is fun and engaging. She is passionate about working with parents, children, teachers and other key stake holders to ensure children are well equipped with the necessary skills to reach their language and communication potential.

Lesley Slattery

Masters of Speech Pathology

Lesley has a keen interest in working with children and families to promote successful outcomes for children who experience difficulties with speech, language and literacy delay/disorder. Lesley is also a qualified Social Worker and has a long history of working alongside families and children carrying out assessments, providing education and intervention. She is a mother of three children and has first-hand experience as a parent and as a speech pathologist of understanding and working with children who have literacy, language and articulation difficulties. 

Lesley has experience of working with pre-school and school age children within the home environment, various school environments and private clinics. Lesley is trained in resonance disorders, Sounds-Write, Talk for Writing, PROMPT (introductory level) and Lidcombe Program for stuttering. Lesley has clinical interest and extensive experience in literacy (dyslexia), phonological delay/disorder, stuttering and developmental language disorder. She is passionate about delivering a family and child-centered service that makes therapy fun and empowers children to reach their potential.

Next Steps…

If your child needs speech pathology assessment or intervention, give Whiz Kids a call to discuss your child’s needs. We deliver speech pathology services in your child’s home, school or child-care centre in Perth, Western Australia. Contact Us