Whiz Kids Speech Pathologists are registered through:

  • All private health funds, and
  • Medicare initiatives.

If you have NDIS funding, and self manage your funds, you can choose Whiz Kids Therapy to provide your speech therapy services - contact us for more information.



The time that your child will require treatment for will depend on a number of factors, including their readiness, response to intervention and presenting issues.

Individual Sessions

30 minutes – $95

45 minutes – $120

60 minutes – $140

**No travel fee, this is inclusive of travel time & GST. However we reserve a right to charge travel.


Assessments may vary in price, dependent on the complexity of the issues. Below is a guide to Whiz Kids prices. Generally speaking, assessments that can be completed within 60 minutes are charged at $250 with a short summary, and $350 with a full report. Longer assessments and their reports are charged at our hourly rates.

Group Sessions

Group sessions can be a cost-effective way for your child to receive speech pathology support. Typically groups will have 4-6 children participating and run for an hour. The average cost is $70 per child. Whiz Kids runs various Text Development, Language and Phonics groups throughout the year. Ask us for more information.

Consultations and Workshops

Depending on the needs of your school or child-care centre, Whiz Kids can provide training, workshops and in-house literacy, language and phonics support at competitive rates.

Medicare Rebates

Your child may be eligible for rebates under the Medicare Items for Complex and Chronic Conditions. To be eligible for this rebate clients have complex care needs that require ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team - you will need to see your GP to determine if your child is eligible, The client may request to see a particular speech pathologist or the GP may recommend one.

You are eligible for up to a maximum of 5 sessions per calendar year.

The current rebate is $52.95. (August 2015).

Private Health Funds

Whiz Kids Speech Pathology services are available for private health fund rebates from all private health insurance funds. Your rebate will depend on your level of cover. Please contact your health fund to determine your level of cover for each session and the maximum coverage for the year.

Next Steps...

If your child needs speech pathology assessment or intervention, give Whiz Kids Therapy a call to discuss your child's needs. We deliver speech pathology services in your child's home, school or child-care centre in Perth, Western Australia.